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Suction Cup Sit Up Aid Bar 3 speed

$68 $70

The Suction Cup Sit Up Aid Bar 3 speed is an ideal choice for core training. The sturdy steel frame guarantees maximum durability and optimal safety, while the adjustable height and ankle protection provide personalized comfort. Natural rubber suction cups securely grip most surfaces and provide a secure exercise platform. Get strong with the dependable and adjustable Suction Cup Sit Up Aid Bar.

High material: The sturdy steel frame has extremely high durability, high quality, high density foam, safety and environmental protection, comfort during exercise, and ankle protection to prevent injuries.
Height adjustable: the third gear height can be adjusted freely. The comfort can be adjusted freely by means of a spring snap. Adjustable height to suit different needs.
Safety: Natural rubber suction cups hold the floor firmly to ensure a safe and stable training platform.
Applicable places: suitable for most places, including wooden floors, tile floors, terrazzo floors, etc.

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