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Plastic Stackable Storage Bins for Pantry


Holds Kitchen And Bathroom Essentials

Stackable storage baskets hold vegetables, fruits, bottles or cans in the kitchen pantry, as well as toiletries in bathrooms and other household items. Set of 4, 15 x 10 x 7 inch bins.

Space Saver

Stacking baskets fit in small corners or areas in kitchens and bathrooms. Stackable to maximize space.

Quick And Easy Access To Contents

Stackable baskets have an open front that lets you easily grab contents without removing bins stacked on top.

Mesh Sides For Ventilation

Stacking bins with mesh design provide ventilation keeping contents fresh and dry.

Durable And Stable

Stacking bins for organizing are made of premium quality plastic that can withstand the weight of objects. Will not tip or fall over once stacked.

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