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Plastic Meal Prep Container Set


Leakproof, Durable Food Prep Containers

Are you looking for something reusable, durable, and convenient for your food storage? These food prep containers with lids seal your food tight, help keep your food fresh, and won’t crack or split after a single use!

Condiment Containers With Lids

Finally! You won’t need to skip the sauces with your next on-the-go lunch! We’ve included 14 condiment cups with your purchase so you can add delicious sauces to your meal or use your cups for dipping.

Microwave-Safe Containers

Warm or cold lunch? You decide! These microwave-safe containers with lids are great for enjoying warm meals from your office or warming up the takeout from the night before.

Freezer Storage Containers

Keep your freezer effortlessly organized with these freezer containers! You can prep, freeze, defrost and heat all with the same lunch containers - how’s that for convenience?

BPA-Free, Food-Safe, Dishwasher Safe

Enjoy all your meals from BPA-free and food-safe plastic food containers with lids. And once you’ve finished enjoying your meal, you can place your reusable take-out food containers in the dishwasher for simple cleaning.

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