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TwinSkyInc Bamboo Memorial Wind Chimes

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The Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is the hardest part of life. The grief that follows is painful. Our wind chimes for funeral, sympathy, and bereavement offer a means of comfort to help you through this difficult time. With our bamboo memorial wind chimes, we hope to offer honor your loved one's memory during such a difficult time. Over time our memorial wind chimes will speak to you in different ways

Why Bamboo Wind Chimes?

Bamboo wind chimes offer many advantages:

They are not as loud as other wind chimes, so they won’t disturb your neighbors.

They have a natural look and sound that blend with nature.

They are eco-friendly and renewable.

Our Bamboo Memorial Wind Chimes

We are the only Amazon seller offering Bamboo bereavement chimes. Our bamboo wind chimes are lovingly hand-made by experienced artisans. Our bamboo in memory of loved one wind chimes are unique because they were not mass-produced.

We have included a special poem on the bottom hanger of the chimes, so you can see, hear, and feel the reminder that your loved one is both free and near.

We hope this message and the sounds of our wind chimes in memory of your loved one will bring you life-long peace and comfort every time the wind blows .These would make beautiful funeral wind chimes in a natural setting. Our chimes offer comfort during many times of loss, offering comfort as memorial wind chimes for loss of mother, sympathy wind chimes father, brother memorial wind chimes, or pet memorial wind chimes.

Quality that Will Last

Hand-made means our in memory wind chimes are lovingly crafted with quality in mind by our experienced artisans. Our memorial wind chimes are individually inspected for quality control and satisfaction guaranteed. They are built to last a lifetime.

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