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Multifunctional Waterproof Nappy Backpack

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I have a regular bag. Why do I need this Fashion Mummy Maternity Nappy Bag/Unisex Diaper Bag?

The zipper pulls of this fashionable diaper backpack are nice and long plated pulls that pull along the zipper teeth forwards and backward easily, especially the top main compartment.

The bag can be hung on a stroller with the double top loop, or worn as a backpack. The shoulder straps are minimally light in the padding because it’s not meant to carry heavyweight like a college backpack.

These are for diaper bags, bottles, and plush toys. Each side of this bag has a pocket or zipper compartment.

On the left and right side, there is an open pouch to store an easily accessible bottle.

On the front zipper pocket, you can store something in the mesh pocket or put 3 bottles into the holders. The holder linen has a temperature preserver for hot or cold fluids to sustain the temperature longer than without them.

The back zipper pocket has cheat access to the stuff in the main compartment for an easy pull out without needing to unstrap or unhook the top loops from the stroller to access.

Finally, the top main compartment of this functional maternity bag can open and close easily due to a collapsible metal frame design that holds the bag up when not in use. Pretty good storage space vertically inside. The linen protector inside keeps the contents stored waterproof and easy to wipe up and clean. There are many interior pockets inside to use at your disposal. Again, the backside zipper compartment can reach for things in here without opening up the top zipper.

Little is more important than being prepared when leaving one’s house with kids. But you also want to be comfortable and somewhat organized. It doesn’t hurt to be a little like yourself, either. To track down unquestionably the best and most stylish diaper bags in there, I talked to moms from all over, as well as designers, creative directors, and more, about their favorites for carrying bottles, wipes, snacks, toys, and, of course, diapers.

It turns out that really of them prefer carrying diaper bags that aren’t actually diaper bags or at least, ones designed clearly for diapers and marketed only to new moms. Just moms are still moms, and this group has checked out these bags thoroughly to make sure they can always get the job done.

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