Full Circle Suds Up Soap Dispensing Dish Sponge with Bamboo Handle

$14.74 $17.08

Brand: Full Circle

Color: Dish Sponge


  • Dispenses your favorite soap
  • Replacement head keeps things clean and green
  • Tough bristles tackle grease and grime
  • Abrasive made from recycled plastic
  • Earth friendly materials: Bonterra plant plastic, bamboo, plant fiber bristles, recycled plastic

Package Dimensions: 63x335x118

Release Date: 01-02-2019

Details: Talk about one awesome duo! A bamboo handle plus a replaceable head with tough-scrubbing bristles make dish duty fly by in a flash. And when you’re done, stand it up for fast, easy drying.

UPC: 777269504487

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