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Shoulder Straightener Orthopedic Spine Antenna

$8.99 $10.90
【Pain relief and back support】 Do you have discomfort and pain in your back, neck or shoulders? This is due to long-term bad habits of sitting or walking. TheYOMYM posture corrector provides perfect support for your body, helps get rid of back, shoulder or neck pain from sprain, tension or muscle spasm, improves the health and general posture of the spine.
【CORRECT YOUR POSITION-BE HEALTHY】 Our posture corrector will help you correct your bad posture, making you straighten again step by step. Even after removing it, you will keep your back straight, stoop without further ado.
 【EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE】 Universal unisex and long lasting. In addition, the high quality soft, breathable and lightweight material will not restrict your movement and keep your skin comfortable.
 【ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE】 The upper back posture corrector for women and men is designed with adjustable straps. You can use the posture clamp by yourself easily without any other help. Start using it for 20-30 minutes a day and feel the difference.
 【INVISIBLE DESIGN UNDER CLOTHING】 The adjustable design is perfect to wear under your shirt or blouse, and that won’t make you feel shy about using the back clamp. You can use it when you work, do sports or at home, even nobody can discover it and you will forget it.

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